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Next Generation is a cable network company which is spread across Pune and the neighboring regions . Its founder being Mr Abdul Karim Sheikh and  Mr Iqbal Sheikh. The company was started with a vision to provide best digital picture quality through fibre optics to the viewers of Pune. With more than 150 channels and 12 radio channels today next generation is largest cable service provider in the city.
After achieving the desired result of cable network the company initiated the idea of a religious t.v  channel,  Dharmatma. Success of Dharmatma  in turn led to the incorporation of another channel,  Message of  Creator.  The  channel preaches the teaching of Quran in simpler terms , due to  the popularity of this channel it is now viewed on IP television and is being distributed on the internet across india with the plan of launching it internationally in future.
With a vision to present the news without any filters, undiluted and unbiased, next generation news was launched . It is a 24 hours news channel providing news of local , national and international level as they happen. We believe in providing our extensive resources to bring minute to minute coverage of news and issues with the help of best reporters and anchors.
We at next generation believe in serving the people through our wide range of channels and bringing humanity alive.


1989- Next generation commenced as a single channel as next generation cinema

 2004- Next generation classic, next generation music and next generation kids

 2008- Digital cable services

 2009- Dharmatma

 2010- Next generation news




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